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Inline High Shear Mixers / Emulsifier
Cavitators / Mechanical Emulsifiers

These are specially designed Static Mixers for the process of ‘Emulsification’ in-line. Whereas 'Mechanical Emulsifiers' spread the emulsification process over a length, 'Cavitator' achieves it at a short length.

These are generally high pressure drop devices. The pressure drop range from 5 bar to 100 bar. The first criterion is the required range of droplet size; 5 to 10 micron or 10 to 50 micron or 50 to 200 micron. There are important parameters such as physical properties of continuous phase and dispersed phase. The physical properties required are: Viscosity, Density and Interfacial Tension at the operating temperature.

Depending upon the chemical properties of Liquid Material of Construction (MOC) shall be suggested. For Mechanical Emulsifier MOC is genrally SS304 or SS316. For Cavitator these materials are especially hardened to take care of erosion at high velocities.

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