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Eductors utilize Kinetic Energy of one Liquid to pull another mix with it and convey it further up. The high pressure of one pump is converted into the Kinetic Energy and high velocities. The suction caused thereby pulls the other Liquids for the the further action

There are several uses of Eductors such as:

  • Line Mixing Eductors (LME).
  • Mixing with Solids to form Slurries.
  • Sump Eductors.
  • Water Jet Vacuum Pump

LME’s are used for suction of Gas to form small Bubbles in Gas Liquid operations.

They are useful when one Liquid is available at high pressure and it has to mix with another which is without a pump or having a low discharge pressure pump

Line Mixing Eductors are used to prepare hot water with use of low pressure steam.

Mixing with Solids

Eductors are effectively used to mix solid powders and transport them to a Blender and Reactor.

Sump Eductor
Eductors are valuable for Sump Clean-ups with water or sea water as driving force. In Ships they are very useful as there is an individual supply of driving force.

These are also useful to take water out of deep wells where ordinary pumps with foot valve suction arrangement fail.

Eductors are especially useful in clean-ups of emergency spills as they can be operated from any position and, at a long distance and also as they are self priming
  • Operates at any Point.
  • Operates at long distance.
  • Operates at any Depth upto 10 m.
  • Operates without priming.
Water Jet Vacuum Pump

Eductor when designed appropriate are able to create full vacuum. They are thus very useful in Chemical Industry where clean vacuum is required.


Eductors may be supplied in any connections as suitable to the application. They may be flange or thread connected on to clamp hose pipe.
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