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Processed Consumer products are formulations. They are emulsions of Oil in Water or Water in Oil; named as Lotions or Creams. They may be dispersions of Solid Powder in Water or Oil or any other solution or Liquid. They may be solutions of many ingredients in other. There are many such variants. Final products may also be free flowing powder, high viscosity Liquid or paste. Mamko offers a Comprehensive Solutions to such Rheological complex liquids or pastes. These formulations are found in all types of Industry such as Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Pesticide, Processed Foods, Paints, Adhesive, Polishes and many more.

There is one thing in common they all need a Process Blender or a Quality Mixer of a kind in order to get to the final acceptable properties. This is where Mamko, with the expertise both in Rheology and Mixing, will be able to guarantee you with the most efficient equipment and also give you a couple of processing tips.

With Mamko’s help you shall get

  • The best Product quality.
  • Save in Production Time.
  • Save in Energy Consumption.

Mamko shall provide you a Laboratory support as a backup. On contract they shall also help develop a product.

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Processing Fundamentals for Suspensions / Emulsions
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