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The term ‘Homogenizer’ is used for high pressure drop devices, where pressure of 200 to 600 bar are generated across a ‘Cavity’. These are predominantly used in Dairy Industry.

‘Homogenization’ – generally means any material (Liquid or Paste) that has the same properties (Density or Viscosity) in its entire ‘body’. Any material that does not possess such properties is ‘In-Homogeneous’. You need to ‘churn’ it, mix it or blend it together to make it homogeneous. We have two products for this application:

  • Inline Homogenizer (Static) and
  • Inline Homogenizer (Rotating)
Inline Homogenizer (Static)

There are ‘No moving parts’ here. The ‘Energy’ for Mixing is provided by pump that has to pump the material through these ‘Mixers’ where it is cut, churned, blended and mixed and pushed further. The ‘Pressure Drop’ depends upon the ‘Viscosity’ of the material and the temperature.

Inline Homogenizer (Rotating)

Here ’Energy’ is given by a ‘Motor’ which is attached to the ‘Rotator’. ‘Motor HP’ depends upon the viscosity of the material and the temperature.

Material of Construction is generally SS304 or SS316. Depending upon the chemical properties of the Liquid MOC shall be suggested.
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