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Industrial agitators are machines, which is used in industries like chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics to process product in a view of:

  • Mixing of liquids having wide range of viscosity.
  • Mixing of Liquids with Solid powder.
  • Promote the reactions of chemical reactants.
  • Increase heat transfer by heating or cooling.
  • Homogenization of bulk storage liquids.
  • Dispersion of immiscible liquids.
  • Gas Liquid Contacting.
  • Gas-Gas Mixing.
  • Mixing of Liquids of extreme Viscosity ratio.

Turbulent Mixing of miscible low Viscosity liquid.


  • Four-bladed, Pitched-blade Turbine.
  • Three-bladed Axial Turbine.
  • Propeller
  • Hydrofoil
  • High Shear
  • Screw
  • Double Ribbon
  • Counter Rotating (Paddle + Anchor)


  • Carbon Steel
  • Carbon Steel + FRP
  • Carbon Steel + PVC
  • Carbon Steel + Rubber Lined
  • Carbon Steel + Epoxy Coating
  • Stainless Steel ( SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L)
  • Special Alloys.
  • Haste alloy
  • Titanium



  • Foot mounted Motor with Gear Box
  • Flanged mounted Geared Motor
  • With and Without Bottom Bush
  • Wall mounted
  • Side entry with retracting type Mechanical      Seal
  • Chain / Hoist mounted
  • Portable clamp mounting
  • Detachable coupling


Selection of Agitator depends upon Application and more importantly the physical properties of the materials. Simplistically, at first one calculates the Reynolds Number

Re = d2Nρ/h  where
d = Diamater of impeller (m)
ρ = Density of Fluid (kg/m3)
= Rotational Speed (RPS)
η  = Viscosity (Pa.S)

For higher Reynolds Number one goes for Turbines and Propeller and for Low Reynolds one goes for Helical Ribbon or Screw. Next to this one calculates the power requirement using a plot. Detailed selection should have criteria of lowest Energy Consumption for the application under consideration.

Power No. : Po   =          P    
  Ρ N3d5
Po = Power No. (Unitless)
= Absorbed Power  (hp)
ρ  = Density of Fluid (kg/m3)
d = Diameter of Impeller (m)
N = Rotational Speed (RPS)

(For Emulsions, Slurries and Pastes)


A high shear zone is created in and around the impeller. These impellers are carefully designed to suit the application and the physical properties of the materials. For example, in case of emulsification the liquids are forced through an extensional flow stream followed by a physical shearing. The liquid is mixed in the bulk by the flow field created by the impeller and sheared in the specially created zone. The best results are thus achieved.

MAMKO have 39 Impeller Designs.


High Shear Mixers are available in all mounting type like those for LIQUID AGITATOR. They are also available in the following arrangements:

  • up and down sturdy constructions
  • wall mounting
  • with detachable couplings.


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