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Mamko offers Eductor Mixers (EM) in a wide range of sizes and materials. Custom designs for unique applications are also available.


Liquid discharges from the motive nozzle at a high velocity and entrains the surrounding tank liquid into the suction inlet openings of the EM. The mixed stream passes through the mixing venturi, which provides a pressure to overcome the Static head of liquid in the tank above the EM, and a circulating flow pattern is establishedt.


Eductor Mixers (EM) are used to agitate or mix Liquids stored in tanks, pits, or sumps. They are Static Mixers that can be used to mix or blend different liquids together in a tank, or blend different liquids together in a tank, or simply maintain a homogeneous mixture in a tank. They can also be used to mix or dissolve powders into liquids or to keep solid particles in suspension.Eductor Mixers (EM)can often replace motor-driven mechanical agitators and avoid the maintenance associated with mechanical devices. The motive fluid can also be air or other gas to aerate or disperse gas into a liquid. When steam is the motive fluid, the EM becomes an effective heater.

Eductor Mixers are also used for Quenching Tanks in a Forging Plant. When well direction flow is needed to in a Tank, for example- where hot Metal parts need cooling in a quenching Tank, we need to create a battery of EM well placed to quench all parts of the Job. A Drawing shown below demonstrates one such arrangement made with the type of EM shown in the picture.


Tank feed manifolds can be single long headers, crosses, headers with multilaterals, or hubs with laterals. The manifolds are fitted with strategically placed EM to encourage complete tank coverage. Intersecting flow patterns achieve the best results. Stagnant tank corners can be virtually eliminated with properly directed EM.


Eductor Jet Mixers are combination of Eductor Mixer with Jet in front.


EM and EJM consist of a Nozzles and a Venturi. They are either cast or fabricated and are available in almost any construction material including Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, PVC, Polypropylene, Teflon and Fiberglass. Connections are typically threaded or flanged, but special connections can be supplied if required

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