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Jet Mixing can also be used judiciously for Inline Mixing. There are some situations where Inline Jet Mixer could be preferred over Static Mixers.

If one of the Liquid has sufficiently high pressure and if there is not enough space for a Mixer a Standard Jet Mixing arrangement could be used as shown above. Here the ratio of Flow Rates of the Mixing Liquids plays an important role.

When the Mixing Liquids viscosities have a large difference that is their ratios are either very high or very low a preferred arrangement is as shown as given below

A situation where the density difference in two liquids is high and one invariably settles in at the bottom of a horizontally laid pipe, an arrangement shown below is useful. A typical example of this is Crude Oil flow from an Oil Well to the Tank Farm

Mamko have sufficient knowledge of Jet Mixing to enable them to design Inline Jet Mixers as per the process requirement.
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