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Way back in 1982 we introduced a campaign Made in India by actually making it happen. We introduced several new products useful to Process Industry. The Process Industry was not well developed as it is today. These products are listed below one by one:

  1. Static Mixers
    These we introduced first to Indian Explosives Ltd (ICI Company) for Emulsion Explosive plant. This was followed by a Continuous Sulphonation plant of Savita Chemicals Ltd. Rest is history and several manufacturers have also emerged thereafter.

  2. Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger
    These have been first introduced to again Indian Explosives Ltd (ICI Company) for emulsion explosive plant. This is followed by Dabur (Dabur India Ltd) and then Emami (Hemma Herbs Pvt. Ltd) for their Chyavanprash plant.

  3. Jet/Eductor Mixer
    These have been first introduced to Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd and then to several other companies.

  4. In line Eductor Mixers
    These have been first introduced with a recommendation from one English consultant to Bharati Shipyard for their slump cleaning. This is then become a part of Indian Process Industry.

  5. High Shear Emulsifier
    These have been successfully introduced in the production of the concentrate in Parle (Exports) Ltd for thump ups in their bottling plants .There after these are used for several emulsification and Dispersion processes.

This has been our contribution to Process Industry since 1982. In 2005 we introduced Water Emulsified Fuels as a technology for fuel saving and reduction in air pollution. This was done with the help of DSIR’s Technopreneur Promotion Programme.

Our continual efforts are towards making useful Equipment and Systems in India, for India.

Dr. Virendra Chavan

Mamko Design and Engineering Pvt Ltd.

1 January 2017

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