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Right from Oil Exploration to Oil Refining there are several places where Mamko Products find their use.

For inline mixing of various streams of Liquids or Gases ‘Static Mixers’ are useful. For mixing in large storage tanks of all type of Fuels - Furnace Oil, Diesel, Petrol Jet, Eductor or/and Eductor-Jet Mixers give good results; ‘Maintenance free’.

In offshore oil exploration Hydrocyclones are often required in cleaning produced water free of oil. Further for separation of Water from Oil or Oil from Water there are many situations where ‘Hydrocyclone’ is a useful product line from Mamko. API-Gravity Separators are also available with Mamko for Oil/Water Separation. They require low energy but require large space.

Further Mamko also have products for separation of gases and vapors from any oil stream.

Some of the Energy Products of Mamko, such as systems for Water Emulsified Fuel, are also useful in Oil and Gas sector. You may also check our products in the Waste Water Treatment verticals.

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