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Oil Water Separator
Oil Water Separators or Oily Water Separators are primarily the Equipment or Systems that are used for the separation of Oil from Water. Generally when we are considering Oil Water Separators it is Oil that is the minor phase and Water the major. Oil (and Greases) may occur in one of these forms with Water:
  • Free Oil with large Droplets >150 microns.
  • Dispersed (or Emulsified) Oil with the droplets between 10 and 150 micron.
  • Dispersed (or Emulsified) Oil with droplets between 0.01 and 1 micron.
  • Dissolved Oil - Some lower hydrocarbons have limited solutions in Oil.

Mamko offers solution when Oil (or Grease) is in the first or the second form.  When it is in the very fine state that is <10 micron size, Advance Separators (Coalescers or Filters) are required and when it is in dissolved state thermodynamic considerations are necessary.

For large Oil droplets (larger than 150 micron), Gravity Separators (where the design is based on API Publication 421) are offered.  Mamko Oil-Water Separators in this range are provided with

  • A Coarse Coalescer, where smaller droplets merge into each other to form large droplets (larger than 150     micron).
  • A Gravity Separator zone – where droplets rise to the surface.
  • Belt Skimmer – that collects the Oil and fetches it to the Oil collection drum

These Gravity Separation type Oil Water Separators are offered in various sizes from 1 kL/hr to 50 kL/hr. Typical Schematic Drawing and Photographs are shown above. For your requirement, as per your data, they shall be designed and offered to you.

For smaller Oil droplets, concept of ‘Hydrocyclone’ is employed. Hydrocyclones, as shown in the picture, work on Centrifugal forces (as against the Gravitational forces). The smaller the droplets the higher are the forces required. The Centrifugal force is dependant on the velocity and the Hydrocyclone diameter. Higher velocities and smaller diameter give better results. Velocities cannot be very high, for high velocities produce turbulence that may cause break down of the droplets to produce smaller droplets; which is undesirable. One has to make a balance between the Velocity and Hydrocyclone Diameter to produce the right results. Thus one designs Hydrocyclone where number of small Hydrocyclone (called Liners) is housed in a shell to achieve separation in the total flow.

Mamko offers such ‘Hydrocyclone’ designed and custom-built as per your data and requirement


Oil Water Separators are mainly used in Offshore Oil Recovery Plants. The water (commonly called produced water) from Production of Crude Oil is thrown back into the sea. The produced water has to meet the requirement which covers International Laws for Prevention of Pollution of Marine Environment. Therefore appropriate Oil Water Separators have to be introduced
Oil-Water Separators are also used in large Car Washing units that require the water to be used over and over again


Salt in Sea Water are known to stabilize the Oil/Water emulsion. This makes physical separation as described above difficult. In such cases extra ‘Chemical’ or ‘Mechanical’ Emulsion Breakers are needed. Both are available if and when required.
‘Gases’ that accompany Crude Oil, could also pose problems in physical separation as above. Therefore, ‘Degasification’ is needed prior to the Oil separation and sometime also posts Oil separation.
‘Smug’ or Muddy lumps also know to accompany in some cases; both in Crude Oil production and Car washing facilities. These are, however, easily separable by Gravity when proper arrangements are made.
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