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Static Mixers

When the MIXING BLADE is not rotating it is a Static Mixer. Static Mixing is achieved by placing a series of well-designed obstructions (mixing elements) in a flowing stream. Static Mixers are “Inline” that is they are placed in pipe line. Static Mixers are generally used for “Continuous Mixing”. They may be used in “Batch” mode by providing a recirculation line.

There are several advantages of ‘Static Mixers’ such as

  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Capital Cost and
  • Low Energy Requirement

It is a special skill to design Static Mixers for a given job such a mixing, blending, Gas - liquid contacting, viscous reaction, heat transfer, mass transfer, dispersion, emulsification, extraction and all those operations where usually agitation is employed.


Optimal Designs for specified Process objectives and for a large range of flow conditions (Reynolds Numbers from 1 to 1000000) are available with MAMKO.


10 TO 2000 mm DIA
40 TO 10000 mm LENGTH


Helical Type (3 designs)
Hygienic Type (2 designs)
Intermeshing / Intersecting Type (12 designs)
Crisscross Type (2 designs)
Helical Skew Type (1 designs)
Scissors Type (1 design)
Stretchflow Type (1 design)
Whirler Type (3 designs)
Low Pressure Drops (6 designs)
Zero Shear (3 designs)
Annular (3 designs)
Pulsating (3 designs)
Jet Type (1 design)
Diffuser Type (1 design)
Butterfly Type (1 design)
Lupin Type (1 designs)


  • Flanges as per ANSI B16.5
    Flanges as per ANSI B16.9
    Flanges as per DIN Std.
    Threaded connections.
    Wedgeloke connection.
    Sanitary Fittings.
  • SMS Unions.
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