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Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE)

A unique Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger specifically designed for processing thick, high viscosity materials and heat exchanging a variety of specially heat sensitive products like fruit pulps of mangoes, papayas, guavas, peaches and juice concentrates. The continuous scraping action exerted on the heat transfer surface ensure uniform heating of the contents, prevents product fouling/burn-out. It is also heavily used for materials that solidify at the wall temperatures.

The Rotary Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger consists of a stainless steel tube, suitably jacketed in a carbon steel jacket insulated from outside and covered with stainless steel sheathing. The stainless steel centre shaft of the heat exchanger is fitted with Teflon scrapers which scrape the internal surface of the heat exchanger continuously. The positive displacement pump ensures constant product in feed. Cleaning procedures are simple and easy at the end of a run, without need to dismantle the product contact parts for inspection.

The unit is complete with motor and necessary fittings.  Optional extras include starter, temperature controller and recorder, and automatic product flow control.

Depending upon the capacity requirement, multiple units can be supplied in series or parallel working arrangement.

The unit can also be used as an efficient product cooler, by using a suitable coolant.  With appropriate modifications such as addition of necessary flash chamber, barometric/semi-barometric condenser with vacuum pump, etc., the heat exchanger can also be used as a thin film evaporator mainly for concentration of thick, viscous, delicate and heat sensitive products.

Single effect/double effect evaporator may also be offered for concentration of viscous or heat-sensitive products which are otherwise difficult to be concentrated by other conventional means.

500 to 10,000 liters per hour. Depending on the objective and viscosity of product and process requirement Electric Power will be calculated for each application

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