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Industrial Waste may be of several types. Predominantly, it is waste water. But also there are solid wastes such as Sludge, Waxes or any other inorganic solids. Mamko put in efforts to develop technologies, with the help of their expert panel, to make useful products. For example:

Waste Water Treatment

And first here is a 'thought':

  • Zero Water Discharge and
  • Compact Plants.

We at Mamko follow this philosophy. And we just don't stop there; we have a proven Product Line to endorse this thought. We also offer backup Laboratory support to get to the right results.

Solid Waste

Sludge for Fuel Storage Tanks have been studied and made them combustible Fuels. Also we have studied Sludge from Crude Oil Storage Tank.

We shall also take up inorganic waste to make useful products.

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Advantage Zero Liquid Discharge
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